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NEW YORK (AP) – Microsoft is paying more than $25 million to settle federal corruption charges involving. for questioning by a Hague-based court investigating crimes against ethnic Serbs during and.

China sells Xinjiang as tourist idyll Ethnic | Definition of Ethnic by Merriam-Webster – Definition of ethnic for English Language Learners. : of or relating to races or large groups of people who have the same customs, religion, origin, etc. : associated with or belonging to a particular race or group of people who have a culture that is different from the main culture of a country.

Ethnic groups make up around 12m of Vietnam's population of 90m, but account for over two-fifths.. Each week, over one million subscribers

Rising misery as Ethiopia struggles to stem ethnic tensions – The clashes led to the world’s largest displacement crisis, with over a million mostly ethnic Gedeos displaced, according to government figures. Similar violence erupted in 2017 between Somalis and.

Let’s stop ethnic mobilisation over arrest of graft suspects – SEE ALSO :Woman charged with obtaining Sh6 million worth of alcohol Over 3,000 people died. Predictably, the arraignment.

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Dozens killed in ethnic clashes in Ethiopia: regional official – A fast-growing population of 105 million has added to pressures on farming in a country of sharp ethnic divisions. The violence has surged since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came into office in April.

GENEVA (Reuters) – A leading researcher on China’s ethnic policies said on Wednesday that an estimated 1.5 million Uighurs and other Muslims could be held in so-called re-education centres in Xinjiang.

Ethnic Russians were suspected of having dual loyalties and. This is most apparent in Xinjiang, where the US government has accused Beijing of arbitrarily detaining up to two million Muslim.

ETHNICITY Diabetes and ethnic minorities – – ethnic population was South Asian (Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, or other Asian origin), 25% African-Caribbean, and 15% of mixed origin. The changing ethnic composition of develop-ing countries and the progressive population enrichment with ethnic groups who are at high risk of diabetes such as South Asians, Caribbeans, and West Africans highlights the

Humanitarian Aid: EU announces 18.5 million additional package for Latin America and the Caribbean – This includes 15 million to support preparedness of local communities and. Communities supported include vulnerable.

How Hong Kong will spend the HK$500 million earmarked for. – The raft of measures aimed at fostering ethnic minority integration into wider society and giving them a lift in upward mobility will focus on education, employment.

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They are also the nation’s second-fastest-growing racial or ethnic group, with a 2.0% growth rate between 2015 and 2016 compared with a 3.0% rate for Asians.The slowing of Hispanic population growth is occurring as immigration to the U.S. from Mexico levels off and the fertility rate among Hispanic women declines.